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The Daily Mastermind App is an Exclusive one-of-a kind Tool to help anyone develop, maintain and accomplish Daily Rituals for Success. It provides you a fast and convenient way to access the unlimited resources available to the Mastermind Community and multiple ways to help you Unleash Your Potential and Create an Amazing Life of Wealth, Health, and Happiness.

7-Figure Mentors & Strategies

Learn from Real, Proven 7-Figure Mentors in the Areas of Personal Development, Financial Education, and  Business.  The List of World Class Speakers, Celebrities, Thought Leaders and Best Selling Authors all share their Knowledge with the Mastermind Community through Exclusive Blogs, Articles, Podcast, Videos and many many more FREE Resources.  

Global Events & Community

Join thousands who have attended the Longest Running Wealth & Asset Protection Events in the Nation.  Globally recognized events like The Millionaire Conference, The Asset Protection 3-Day Summit and many Investor Training Workshops are just a few of the Events brought to you by The Daily Mastermind.  These events provide access to Key Mentors, Proven Strategies, Free Consultations, and Hands On Learning Experiences.

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A Message from the CEO & Founder

George Wright III

Welcome to the Daily Mastermind Site.  I've spent the last 25 years working with some Amazing Mentors in the Personal Development and Financial Education Industry.  I've learned a great deal and accumulated some incredible Resources and Life Experience.  

I Created the Daily Mastermind Podcast, Mobile App and Community in order to provide Individuals like yourself with all the Tools, Resources and Support to Unleash Your True Potential.  I truly believe...

"Its Never too Late to Start Living the Life You Were Meant to Live"

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Every Monday Morning, you will receive a Core Principle & Thought Message delivered to your Inbox.


Get Your Dose of Inspiration, Motivation, and Education DAILY in less than 10-15 minutes.


Experts, Best Selling Authors & Thought Leaders interviewed Weekly on The Prosperity Report.


Access DAILY Quotes and Inspirational Pics from the Mobile App or delivered to your Email.

Ebooks & Audiobooks

Classic and Proven Top-Tier Books like Think & Grow Rich are Available FREE on the Mobile App.


Access an Amazing List of Guided and Unguided Meditations to Create Peace of Mind in Your Life.

The 12 Prosperity Pillars

Change Your Life

with Daily Affirmations

The 12 Prosperity Principles represent the Core Principles and Values of the Daily Mastermind Community.  These are more than just Time-Proven Strategies for Health, Wealth and Happiness.  They are Keys Success Factors in Creating the Best Version of Yourself.  They will Empower, Enrich and Unleash Your True Potential if you will Commit to Learning, Living and Applying them in Your Life.

Join Thousands that have Attended the Longest Running Wealth & Asset Protection Event in the Nation

Meet one-on-one with Experts & Attorneys

Anaheim, CA June 1-3rd   Phoenix, AZ July 27-29th

  • Get Safe, Double-Digit Returns
  • Create Consistent Passive Income Streams
  • Significantly Lower Your Income Taxes
  • Reduce or Eliminate Estate Taxes & Probate
  • Protect Your Wealth from Lawsuits

Unleash Your Potential

Join Thousands of Entrepreneurs & Investors focused on Creating a Life of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Personal Development

Your Thoughts Create Your Life, and YOU have Greatness Inside you.   The Daily Mastermind provides you with the Tools and Resources to Create the Best Version of Yourself by Focusing on 12 Core Prosperity Principles and Daily Rituals that will help you Unleash Your True Potential. 

Financial Education

If You Want to Create Massive Wealth, You need a Strategic Plan.  The Daily Mastermind has assembled some of the World's Top 7-Figure Mentors, Speakers, Experts and Thought Leaders in the Areas of Financial Education including Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, Estate Planning and Investor Education.


The Best Way to Build Wealth, Reduce Your Taxes, and Create Your Life is to Own a Business.  As a Passionate-Driven Entrepreneur or Investor, it's Critical You Understand How to Structure, Maintain, and Grow Your Business.  The Daily Mastermind, along with George Wright III has a Proven Track Record of Results in Business.

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Mentors, Students, Partners, and Mastermind Members

‘I can’t urge you strongly enough to work with George if you get the opportunity. If you would like to take your life or business to the next level, the sooner you talk with George the better!

Robert Stuberg

Author, speaker, mentor

"I have worked with George for over two decades.  His ability to focus his energy is quite impressive.  His ability to cultivate markets and motivate is Quite a skill set.  Moreover, he is a joy to work with."

William D. Danko

NY Times Best SElling Author

“George is one of the best Leaders, Trainers and Strategists I have ever seen. I have sat next to him in the Board Room and seen his amazing skills, talents and abilities. He has phenomenal talent and the ability to get results.”

Brandon Boyd

7-Figure Investor, Speaker

and Mentor

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